Online Rental Application

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  • Primary Applicant Information

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  • Current Address

  • Previous Address 1

  • Previous Address 2

  • Relative not living with you (to be contacted in case of an emergency)

  • Employment Information

  • Automobile Information

  • Pet Information

  • Personal Reference

  • Co-applicant Information (Spouse, roommate, co-signer, etc)

  • Each co-applicant must also fill out their own copy of this application.
  • Additional Occupants

    Please list name (first, middle & last), and age of others who will live in the apartment:
  • Application Agreement

  • Tenant Selection Policy

    1. Income - The annual apartment rental must not exceed 1/3rd of applicant(s) gross annual income. Income must be verifiable.
    2. Landlord References - If a present or previous landlord gives an applicant(s) a poor reference, the application will likely be denied.
    3. Credit Check - Applicant must have good credit.
    4. Criminal - Any applicant(s) that has been convicted of a felony will be denied.
    5. College Students - Full time students under the age of 23 must have a parent or guardian with good credit and verifiable income co-sign their lease.

    In order for us to process your application and perform the credit check, there is a nonrefundable $35.00 application fee. False Statements by applicants are grounds for immediate rejection.

  • I/We have applied for an apartment. In applying for the apartment, I/We have completed an application containing various information. I/We hereby give my/our consent for information contained in the apartment application and in other documents required in connection with part of its quality control programs, to be verified or re-verified. Penn Real Estate Co., its agents, and successors and assignees may make this verification either directly or through a credit-reporting agency. Such information includes, but is not limited to, employment history, income, and licensing bank, money market and similar account balances, deposits and credit history.